Gernon/Davies/Harris website

Welcome to the Gernon, Davies and Harris website. I was adopted when I was a baby in 1952, about 9 years ago I found my real family (which is the Gernon side of my family) which come from Warrington where I was born.  We did have a reunion in Warrington and of course had plenty to talk about.  This is how I got in to doing my family tree I wanted to know more about the family and who my ancestors were.  I was lucky I was sent quite a lot of old photo’s which have been digitally restored.  The Gernon side goes back William the Conqueror.

Now I have just started on my adopted side of the family which is the Davies/Harris side which I have found very interesting plus also have some old photo’s.

Well I got hooked so my journey so my journey begins.

Hope you enjoy my blogs, stories and photo’s that I put on.