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Lander Family (adopted side of my family

Been doing some research on my adopted side, the Lander Family, from Hayes, kent, Ellen Lander b. 1837, hayes, kent was my gr. grandmother, sound quite a few Landers today.

Family Tree on my adopted side

started doing my family tree on my adopted side, Harris/Davis side and doing really well so far, not hit any brick walls just yet.

Ireland’s Potato Famine

Ireland’s Great Famine of 1845 is seen by some historians as a turning point in Ireland’s history. Famine had been common in Nineteenth Century Ireland and almost an occupational hazard of rural life in Ireland. But the Great Famine of 1845 eclipsed all others.

Was told that my Gr. Gr. Grandparents James and Ann Gernon left Ireland because of the Potato Famine and the political unrest and I can understand why. Also told that my Gr. Gr. Grandfathers siblings emigrated to America.

My Gr. gr. Grandparents sailed to Liverpool and settled in Warrington, Cheshire.

Irish Gernons

Well gone as far back to my Gr. Gr. Grandparents, James Gernon and Ann Cash, both born in Dublin b. around 1824, but cannot go back any further, just hit a brick wall, so Irish Genealogy.

Historical Gernons, Roger de Gernon 1st of Galway

Researching  the Historical Gernons, as my Gr. Grandfather and Gr. Gr. Grandfather James Gernon who were born in Dublin, I am now looking at Roger de Gernon who I am hoping is the Irish link to my Gernon Family.  Roger de Gernon’s father was Robert de Gernon.

Discovering your ancestors

When we start on our journey of discovering our ancestors we will find that we  have a member of our family that played a part in ww1, we salute you all and we will always remember.


G041 Edward Hugh Gernon (LH)

Edward Hugh Gernon, he is my 1st cousin twice removed

As we all remember those that gave there lives in ww1, here is a photo of my 1st cousin twice removed
Edward Hugh Gernon