Finding My Real Family

It was back in February 2004 when I decided to find my real family I had always known I was adopted but the time was right although almost 50 years have gone by.  I always knew where I was taken which was the National Children’s Home, Highbury, North London.  It took a couple of letters but they did have my file, this was then sent to Leeds, Yorkshire.  A lady contacted me and she had gone through my file and told me there were a couple of photo’s.  A week later she came out to see me I must admit I was a little apprehensive but, we went though my file I read my mother’s letters and they were heart breaking as she did not really want to give me up.

Now I knew where I came from which was Warrington, I had two brothers and a sister.  Also I had to go in to this with an open mind and there could be rejection if I found them.  But also I did not know if my mother would be still alive.

I first wrote to Warrington Council but they needed more information so I wrote back and attached a copy of a document from my file so they knew that I was genuine.  There was no joy.

I went to the library and went through the telephone directory and wrote some letters.  In the mean time I search on the internet and found a Warrington website and posted a message on the past-present section, then I went on to Friends Reunited and found a message from someone who could possibly help me.

On the Warrington website I found a message from a lady that knew my real family and she used to go to school with my sister and she gave me some names of people that used to live on that street.  Seems I am making some progress.

Eventually I got a reply from a letter that I sent someone and he gave me some information an address and a phone number of a lady who went to London with my mother when i was taken to the National Children’s Home.

I received an email from an agency who could help me she had searched through her indexes and found my siblings and has a lead on my sister and informed me she had already written to her.  On her file she had four different addresses for each of my brothers.

In the meantime I did write to the lady who went to London with my mother and I told her that I have someone searching for my family and not to feel bad about me writing to her and that I would like to hear from her unfortunately I never did.

So the lady from the agency has spoke to my sister and that she had informed my brothers.  They never knew I existed but were thrilled and very please and are waiting to meet me.  I wrote to my sister and enclosed a couple of photo’s.  I  spoke to my sister and told me that my mother had died of cancer I had missed her by a couple of years.  Then my two brothers phoned me everyone was in a state of shock.

After a couple of weeks I went to Warrington to meet them I was very nervous but I was made very welcome and of course we had a lot to catch up on.  I t was an unbelievable weekend.

To this day I still keep in contact but, unfortunately my oldest brother died in 2008 and my other brother died 2015 but I am glad I got to know and meet them.

I found my roots and this is how I got interested in Family History.



Robert de Gernon, Duke of Boulogne

Started research and working on the historical Gernon’s, found it very interesting starting with Robert de Gernon, Duke of Boulogne, b. 1035 Calvados, Normandy. but in particular looking at the Irish connection as that is where my Gernon ancestors come from.