Elson Family

Richard Elson b. 1804, Cobham, Surrey, married

Elizabeth Harwood, b. 1806, Frimley, Surrey


Robert b. 1826, Stepney, London, d. 1863, Middlesex

Sarah b. 1848, Frimley, Surrey

James b. 1846, Wandsworth, London

Rebecca b. 1851, Cobham, Surrey

Emily b. 1853, Frimley, Surrey

Job William b. 1856, Frimley, Surrey


1861 Census

Robert Elson b. 1826, Stepney, London, Occ. Oil & Colour Labourer (age 35) married

Harriet E Burgin, b. 1828, Plymouth, d. 1909, Essex (Age 33)


Herbert b. 1852, Stepney, London, Scholar, (Age 9)

Bertha Georgeanna, b. 1856, stepney, London, scholar, (Age 6)

Jane b. 1860, Stepney, London, (Age 1)

1881 Census

James John elson b. 1846, Wandsworth, London, Occ. General labourer (Age 35), married

Ann Mary margaret Patching (Nee Griffiths) (2nd marriage for Mary, b. 1854, westminster, London, Occ. laundress (Age 27)


Henry patching (Step son) b. 1875, Wimbledon, (Age 6)

Elizabeth b. 1878, Norbiton, Surrey (Age 3)

Rebecca b. 1880, Wimbledon, London (Age 1



Job William Elson b. 1856, Frimley, surrey, Occ. Blacksmith, (Age 25), married

Amelia Schofield, b. 1854, Elvetham, Hampshire, (age 27)


William G b. 1876, Fleet, Hampshire, (age 5)

Richard J, b. 1879, Hampshire, (age 2)

Thomas J, b. 1881, Wimbledon, London

Address:  1 Lurch Place, Hubert Road


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